Manna and Mercy on YouTube!

Dan Churchill (Emerging Generation Music and Creative Arts Leader at Woodland Hills Church) writes: "I created this video a few years back as a mid-year review for our students. I thought it would be funny to narrate the story as the gophers. At that point we were going through Manna & Mercy using a process called "storying". Each week the students would gather in the large group and would listen to a chapter of Manna & Mercy. As the story was being read, we would project the artwork from the book on the screen following along with that particular chapter. After that the students would break into smaller groups called "dialogue groups". There they would retell the story together with the help of a leader & then discuss what stood out to them from the story. We would also prepare questions for the dialogue leader to ask the students. We absolutely love Manna & Mercy. The writing is quirky & compelling and the drawings are hilarious & yet so profound. It has completely helped our students have a better understanding of the Bible. We plan to continue using Manna & Mercy for many more years to come.