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In 2018, Augsburg Fortress became the sole distributor of Daniel Erlander’s publications. They have expanded on his work, publishing additional resources including curriculum, animated videos, and board books.  

Augsburg Fortress continues to steward all of Daniel’s work with great care—and joy! Each resource based on his original work is developed by an editor who works with writers deeply familiar with Dan’s work. All content undergoes review by church practitioners along with an Advisory Panel of Dan’s peers, colleagues, and friends. 

All of Dan's books are available now at Augsburg Fortress 

or call:  1-800-328-4648 

Newly Expanded Resources:

 A Place for You Resources Come to the Water Resources

Augsburg Fortress is committed to stewarding Dan's storyworld into the future. The books written and illustrated by Dan have resonated with readers for decades. Their visual appeal, accessible theological content, and welcoming yet subtly provocative tone invite us into moments of delight, discovery, and the underlying assurance of God's deep and everlasting love for all people. Generations of Christians from around the world can point to these books and tell stories about how Dan's voice helped them better understand what it means to embrace and live out their faith. 

Augsburg Fortress has expanded on Dan's works in innovative ways, including with a curriculum based on A Place for You: My Holy Communion Book, a curriculum based on Come to the Water, booklets called A Lutheran Welcome, and a leader sourcebook based on Baptized We Live.  

Don't worry. If you forget to go to the Augsburg Fortress site, clear links from our order page will direct you to the right place to make an order! And any existing free Spanish translation PDFs will remain available here in the downloads section of Daniel Erlander.com as soon as they are typeset.  

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