Come and See:

A collection of cartoons, graphics
and illustrations by Daniel Erlander

An attractively laid-out collection of more than 170 drawings representing over three decades of work.

  • Includes illustrations chosen from Dan’s books and pamphlets.
  • Many pieces never before published.
  • A selection of Erlander’s beautiful
    Christmas cards.
  • A treasury for those who love Dan’s work.
  • A great introduction for those new to his art.
  • A wealth of God's good news and Dan's good humor. Rich with wit, whimsy and wisdom.
  • Individual graphics may be reproduced by churches, schools, and nonprofit groups for one-time nonprofit use in bulletins, newsletters, and classroom study materials.

120 pages. $16.00 (Media Rate postage included)

Read a story in "Living Lutheran" about how one congregation is teaching its young people about Holy Communion, using Dan's "A Place for You" book.

Pastor Mary Lindberg's free PDF guide helps congregational leaders figure out: How to start with Manna and Mercy? What to lift up? How to divide up the book? More at MannaandMercy.org

If a pastor and author is going to undertake telling the story of “A Brief History of God’s Unfolding Promise to Mend the Entire Universe,” he needs partners. Perhaps he would consider a couple of prairie dogs and a dynamic preacher from South Africa. Read Metro Lutheran article on Manna and Mercy.

From a church’s children’s director: “It’s the best children’s curriculum I’ve seen! Each lesson builds and reinforces earlier stories and concepts. Activities connect to the story in ways that encourage the diverse ways children learn. Children are active in their learning so they get the concepts and the stories.”

From a new church member: “On the way home after church, Tanner excitedly talked about all that he is learning in Sunday school. He’s never done that before. He says he is learning so much more than in other Sunday schools he’s been in.”

From a 5th grader: “What game are we going to play this morning?!”

These are some of the encouraging responses that Hanna Schock has received this year as she has written, planned, and led the teaching of Manna and Mercy: A Curriculum for Elementary Children. Hanna, from First United Methodist in Birmingham, Alabama, is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist with an understanding of how children learn. Her perspective has led to a unique elementary curriculum that includes lessons emphasizing fun learning and making connections across stories and concepts.

For further information, contact Hanna at hannaschock@bellsouth.net to receive an electronic copy of the first 5 lessons, supplemental documents, and some sample photos. Try it, like it, and pay $100 for all 50 lessons to be sent to you. That’s just $2 a lesson. One purchaser has said there is enough material in this curriculum for 3 years of lessons!

More information at http://mannaandmercy.org/study-guides/children-s-curriculum.html

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