Baptized, We Live


Baptized, We Live has been translated into Spanish, thanks (long ago) to Augsburg Publishing and then a re-translation by folks at the New Jersey Synod  (some chages were made in grammatical usages not so commonly known among immigrant populations from Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America).  Bautizados vivimos is available as a free PDF download for congregations and communities needing individual copies. If your goal is to mass produce copies and sell them, please contact us first to seek permission.

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Select Learning (formerly Select Multimedia Resources) makes available a 2006 DVD of Dan teaching about Baptized, We Live.  The DVD is split up into four 25-minute sessions on each part of the book: A Way of Seeing, A Way of Hearing, A Way of Teaching, and A Way of Following. Dan shares -- through lots of stories -- about the heart of the Lutheran tradition. Grace grace grace goo.

Order the DVD from Select Learning (it includes a PDF version of the book, too, on CD-ROM).

Baptized, We Live:
Lutheranism as a Way of Life

Refreshingly describes Lutheranism as a way of seeing, hearing, teaching, and following. For individual reading, adult classes, new member instruction. 28 pages.

$4.50 each for 1-9 copies
$4.00 each for 10 or more
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