Let the Children Come


Let the Children Come has been translated into Spanish, thanks to folks at IELCO: Iglesia Evangélica Luterana de Colombia.  We're making the PDF download free for communities that wish to use this resources. If your goal is to mass produce copies and sell them, please contact us first to seek permission.

Augsburg Fortress's resource Washed and Welcome: A Baptism Sourcebook (Copyright 2010) has an entire chapter on how to effectively use Dan's Let the Children Come baptism manual. It includes suggestions for how to read the booklet together with parents, sponsors and caregivers, and how to cover all seven chapters in a small group setting. All of the content in the sourcebook is also included on a CD-ROM that comes with the book.

Let the Children Come:
A Baptism Manual for Parents and Sponsors

35-page booklet on infant and young child baptism. Includes the origin of baptism, baptism in the New Testament, infant baptism, Luther’s teaching, the baptism service, and “raising children wet.”

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