Manna & Mercy Curriculum for Elementary Children

From a new church member: “On the way home after church, Tanner excitedly talked about all that he is learning in Sunday school. He’s never done that before. He says he is learning so much more than in other Sunday schools he’s been in.”

From a 5th grader: “What game are we going to play this morning?!”

These are some of the encouraging responses that Hanna Schock has received this year as she has written, planned, and led the teaching of Manna and Mercy: A Curriculum for Elementary Children. Hanna, from First United Church in Birmingham, Alabama, is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist with an understanding of how children learn. Her perspective has led to a unique elementary curriculum that includes lessons emphasizing fun learning and making connections across stories and concepts.

Attached are a few sample lessons in PDF form as well as a descriptive overview. For further information or to request the full curriculum, e-mail Hanna Schock at These documents will be sent electronically free of charge. Shipping charges would be required for receipt of hard copies. Consultation with Hanna is available on a contractual basis at the following hourly rates depending on the financial circumstances of the church:  $24 (lower income) $36 (middle income) $48 (higher income). These rates allow the fee to be broken up easily into 5 minute increments such as in the case of a 5-minute phone call or 45 minutes to create and mail materials for a game.

We encourage you to take advantage of this new curriculum!

PDF of several sample lessons

Descriptive Overview of curriculum

Email Hanna for more